Supply our products to more than 300 retailer shops located in the core camera markets in Seoul. In other big cities, Sun Photo supplies its products to 50 shops. In addition, there are 20 online and offline supply chains for astronomy products. Sun photo provides products to big departments and duty-free shops in Seoul.

Internet Shopping Mall
With rapid development of Internet and fast-growing demands of online shopping, the e-business has prospered dramatically. In the course of an aggressive strategy penetrating the B2C trades, Sun Photo provides positive brand images and good quality products through big online shopping malls and open online market.
Operating of Website
The website (www.sun-photo.co.kr) contains various options and functions; online shopping malls, overview of products and their brands, links to operation manuals, and relevant soft wares and firmwares in an easy-to-understand way. The website provides an opportunity for customers to try and have a glimpse of the latest and other popular products and furthermore customers enable to share their views on products through comments and reviews. The website supports a various customer services such as product licenses, registrations and extension of warranty.
To maximize sales, Sun Photo hold a seminar monthly with main client companies to brief instructions of its products and introduce new items. The seminar provides competitive marketing strategy by educating products specifications and comparison different brands and product series, in order to boost clients sales. To lead the development of photography and astronomy, Sun Photo supplies a 20 seat cafe with no charge for its related clubs and communities. It is planning to provide presentations and briefings of our product to our customers.